2014 Clear Thoughts Foundation Garage Sale

  Friends of Clear Thoughts Foundation

They say that ‘April showers bring May flowers’…but not necessarily the case for bringing bargain garage sale shoppers.  For a second year in a row, Gary, Hayley, Chloe, Trent and Sandy participated in their neighborhood garage sale with all proceeds benefiting Clear Thoughts Foundation and their mission to accelerate the discovery of medication to treat and cure dementia.  Unfortunately, the day was marred with off and on rain and some pretty big gusts of wind.  But after chasing Clear Thoughts Foundation brochures through the neighborhood, cleaning up a few messes and testing family and friends on the speed at which things can be moved from wet to dry spaces, $470 was raised and added to “the pot of gold” (not sure there was a rainbow that day but…)that we need to fill to find that cure for dementia.  Thanks to all that participated with garage sale donations and lending a hand in the sale.

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