Hayley is Running the Marathon!

It’s over! Hayley ran her race in just a little over 5:51 on Sunday, finishing yet another marathon and, more importantly, raising over $3000 for CTF in our fight against dementia! Shoutout to Hayley for her great effort, and a huge thanks goes out to all of our supporters. We had over 45 generous donors who contributed to Hayley’s effort.

You can still donate (below, or click the banner at the top of the page) to show your support. We will leave the links live for a few more days.

Thanks again to all and CONGRATS HAYLEY!

CTF Founder Hayley Jameson is running the Pittsburgh Marathon this year to celebrate her approaching landmark birthday and to raise funds to help find a cure for dementia. This was not an easy decision, but an important one. Please take a few minutes to read Hayley’s story and learn about her inspiration behind running the marathon this year, and please come out to cheer her on during the race on May 6th (her bib number is #4CTF). But most importantly, please support her efforts by donating here or at the bottom of this page and spreading the word about this important event!

Dear CTF supporters & friends,

Hayley with her father and CTF’s inspiration, DJ

 Yes, it was a very difficult decision for me to decide to run the marathon this year as I knew it was not ideal timing for me. I knew that I did not have the time needed to properly train, I knew I was terribly out of shape, and of course I knew about my upcoming landmark birthday…and let’s just say it’s not my 21st 😉  But every day as I work hard trying to grow CTF and raise money for desperately needed dementia research, I look at this picture sitting on my desk. It is a picture of my father and I…before dementia robbed him of all human dignities at far too young of an age.  Age 65 was not an ideal time for him to get dementia – age 72 was not an ideal time for my mother to lose her husband of 49 years or for my children to lose their grandfather they barely got to know – and the list goes on and on. And it certainly was not an ideal time for my brother and me to lose our father.  As the picture frame so perfectly describes, my Dad was my teacher and my best friend.  But sadly, so many of us can tell a similar story of a loved one, a teacher, a best friend who lost their battle or who is currently losing their battle to this very ugly disease known as dementia.

Hayley (right) with her Mom, Sandy, and DJ at the 1994 Great Race

So I decided to “suck it up butter cup” as they say, quit my whining, and start training for the marathon! Once again, as the picture frame highlights, I am following my Dad’s example as he and my Mom are the ones who inspired me to start running many years ago. In full disclosure, I have run a handful marathons in the past – but past is the key word. It’s been over 18 years since I’ve run a full marathon….so it will be a challenge to say the least!  But so is dementia…and the victims have no choice in the matter – nor do their loved ones. Fortunately I am still blessed to be able to make choices…so I made the choice to run the marathon on May 6th. not only in honor of my father, but in honor of all of you….for all of us…for we have all been affected one way or another by this horrific disease.

Well, wish me luck and please consider making a donation today in memory or in honor of your loved one, your best friend, your teacher. Let’s make the choice to work together to end dementia!

 Many thanks for the consideration…..#4CTF,


 Hayley D. Jameson
Founder & President
Clear Thoughts Foundation