May 1st through August 26th – Shoe Drive


We are happy to report that we collected 11,000+ pairs of shoes and raised $4,400 for dementia research.  

The shoe drive ran most of the summer and we accepted ANY type of shoe – tennis shoes, cleats, dress shoes, boots, high heels, roller blades and skates, sandals, & more. The more shoes collected, the more money raised for CTF. The primary drop off location was at the Oxford Athletic Club Lobby in Wexford, PA but we had several dozen other participating drop off locations.  We thank each and every one of our drop off locations for their support!

Here’s a LINK to a video about our shoe drive.

A little more information about the Shoe Drive…..Clear Thoughts Foundation has partnered with Funds2Org to conduct a Shoe Drive fundraiser. Funds2Orgs is a social enterprise that provides turnkey solutions to help raise funds, engage volunteers, and create a sustainable, lasting impact.

Funds2Org pays CTF for the gently worn, used and new shoes and sneakers collected during the campaign.

So what happens to the shoes that are collected? With Funds2Orgs, shoe drive supporters and CTF can literally change lives around the world. Funds2Orgs works with partners in 26 developing nations. Families in developing countries who receive shoes from Funds2Orgs are those who have little to no income or livelihood. The ability of donated shoes to be sold or repurposed, represent an opportunity for individual families and their communities to develop micro-businesses within their areas. It is the only possibility for true self-sustainability. In a nutshell, the Funds2Orgs definition of micro-enterprise works like this:

1. US organizations and nonprofits collect shoes that are picked up by Funds2Orgs and sent to hub operators in developing nations.

2. Hub operators pay Funds2Orgs a small operating fee, then sell the collected items to micro-entrepreneurs with a small mark-up.

3. Micro-entrepreneurs clean and repair the items and begin selling for a profit margin. The micro-enterprise industry represents one of the most effective ways to lift many families out of the extreme poverty in devastated economies.

Funds2Orgs is dedicated to helping these micro-entrepreneurs live a better life, while helping charities, schools, churches, and civic groups in the US make a difference in their communities.

What’s more, working with Funds2Orgs helps your community to keep unwanted shoes from ending up in landfills. This is helpful to the environment and life on our planet.