Melissa Redman

Melissa is a graduate of Point Park University and co-owner of IQ Escape and THROW Axes Pittsburgh. With over 8 years of marketing and advertising experience and 5+ years of owning a business with husband, Eric Lloyd, Melissa hopes to bring her experience to help CTF grow it’s community connections with other local businesses to help raise funds and awareness for the Clear Thoughts Foundation.

Melissa expressed interest in supporting CTF after watching her beloved Father-In-Law lose his battle to Alzheimer’s in September of 2019. “Big Dave was my biggest blessing in life and taught me how limited our time really is in this world. He was my miracle, as he was able to not just remember me but love me as he was forgetting many. He impacted my life for the better and I will teach my daughter and this world his biggest value- to make the best out of everything that life throws at you. Being part of CTF does just that, letting his memory be my work of passion to find a cure for this horrible disease so that a future generation may get a little more time with the ones they love.”