What Makes CTF Different?

The total cost of discovering drugs to cure dementia, conducting clinical trials and obtaining FDA approval is staggering: over $1 billion dollars. In the US, the National Institutes of Health is the largest single source of research money in the country. In 2011, the federal government allotted $450 million for Alzheimer’s research through the National Institutes of Health, compared to over $3 billion for HIV/AIDS, over $4 billion for heart and cardiovascular disease, and nearly $6 billion for cancer. Only 1-3% of NIH’s budget on Alzheimer’s research is spent directly funding drug discovery to stop dementias.

Clear Thoughts Foundation will get the ball rolling by starting the first and least expensive stage, discovery of drugs and novel therapeutics, through funding and laboratory access. Many philanthropic organizations give support for basic research into the causes of the disease; few focus on drug discovery and development of innovative therapeutics. Clear Thoughts Foundation is one of the only foundations to focus exclusively on funding the discovery of curative therapeutics for dementias. Clear Thoughts Foundation has secured access to donated laboratory facilities locally in Pittsburgh to facilitate drug discovery.