Where Do Donations Go?


Drug DiscoveryThe Clear Thoughts Foundation will use all funds raised to find drugs or therapeutics (biogenetics, stem cells, etc.) that will prevent or halt the disease of dementia and other related cognitive disorders.  Clear Thoughts Foundation is solely focused on raising money for this purpose.  We will not use funding to support biometrics, education, or provide individual monetary support.  Applicants in the scientific community wishing to submit proposals to obtain funding for their program are invited to do so as detailed below.

The Clear Thoughts Foundation will accept scientific proposals for the discovery of disease-modifying therapeutics to treat or prevent dementia and other related cognitive disorders. The Foundation will not consider proposals for advancing basic research into disease mechanisms at this time. The Foundation has access to laboratory facilities and screening platforms for the discovery and testing of potential drug therapies for treating dementia. We will solicit proposals from the academic and industrial scientific community for candidate therapeutics and novel drug screening assays beginning in 2014. Following review of application materials by our Scientific Advisory Board, successful applicants will receive financial support for their program, including costs associated with screening candidate therapeutics. The Principal Investigator will retain sole Intellectual Property rights to their candidate therapeutics. Click here to donate and support this initiative.