About Us

Our Guiding Creed

Funding is our barrier. Awareness is our opportunity. Research is our salvation.

Time is our enemy. YOU are our hope.

Clear Thoughts Foundation (CTF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  CTF was established in Pittsburgh in 2010, with the primary purpose to raise funds to discover drugs and novel therapeutics to stop the progression of dementia and eventually end this terrible disease. All of the founding members of CTF have had some personal experience with dementia or other related cognitive disorders, such as alzheimer’s, and have been disappointed with the lack of available and effective drugs and therapeutics in today’s market. CTF will raise funds to enable discovery of effective dementia medications and therapeutics by removing the traditional barriers to drug discovery. CTF will fund research both nationally and internationally, targeted at developing and screening drugs or therapeutics for dementia treatment that are cutting-edge, innovative and clinically promising.
As a foundation, we offer a very strong set of strategic capabilities including the following:

  • Connectivity to sources of capital
  • Keen understanding of most promising scientific direction
  • Well-networked with the dementia scientific community
  • Well-networked with the pharmacological world
  • Established relationships with other dementia foundations

The timing is right for our foundation. Dementia is a fast growing problem, not only in the United States, but globally. It affects millions of people – with that number growing higher daily and inflicting many at a much younger age. We have the connections, the energy, and the backgrounds to make an immediate effect. CTF, located in the Pittsburgh area, is surrounded by a wealth of outstanding health organizations. This offers us relative ease in accessing a very talented scientific community making our organization well positioned to tap into a wealth of novel scientific ideas and discoveries.

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