Our Mission

The Clear Thoughts Foundation has an unwavering pledge to rally resources, secure funding and collectively lead a mission dedicated to advancing the discovery of drugs and therapeutics that will halt the debilitating disease of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s.

We will accomplish this goal by defining ourselves as the group that can secure funding; place the funding and other resources in the hands of scientists with clinically promising, innovative medications and treatments; fast track these therapies to clinical application and development, so that the day will come when no one will have to lose their life to dementia.

We will no longer be idle witnesses to our loved ones’ daily battle to retain their dignity…

We will give them a fighting chance…

We are a diverse yet passionate group of individuals who share the common thread of having our lives touched by personal experiences with dementia and other related cognitive disorders. We know firsthand the frustration and disappointment of limited therapies, inadequate remedies and lack of funding to aggressively treat this fast growing, consuming and heart wrenching disease. We believe that we can make a difference with a concentrated and laser focused plan propelling research forward in an intellectually based, aggressive and result driven manner. We want to empower the search for a cure for dementia by raising the necessary funds to accelerate real investigations, real trials, in real time.

Clear Thoughts Foundation is our fighting chance… our means to an end…our time. This is our mission.