Dementia Stories

There is not a more powerful way for us to convey what inspires our mission to fund dementia medication research than to share our stories and to hear yours. The damaging effects of dementia become more palpable and tug at our heartstrings a little more when we see the pictures and read the real words of the friends and family who have directly experienced the impact of dementia and alzheimer’s. So please read the unedited words of those whose lives have been impacted so dramatically.   Our strength to find a cure comes from our community of support.

Our strength comes from our community of support. Click here to share your story with us.

Our Inspiration

On December 25, 2013, Donald M. “DJ” Jameson, Jr., the man who inspired the creation of CTF finally surrendered his valiant battle with F… [Read More]

My Brother

My brother Rich is and always has been the person in the room who makes people smile.  In his 44 years on this earth he has not had one enemy and ins… [Read More]

My Mom

We all have moments of “forgetfulness”. But about 15 years ago I began to notice my mom’s reliance on my step-dad for every little detail…I th… [Read More]

My Dad

My father, Nathan Safferstein, passed away on March 5,2013 but part of him had  died much earlier.  He had first been diagnosed with Alzheimer&#8217… [Read More]

My Husband

He loved his dogs. In the 1960s Tom showed our Keeshonden. One received a championship in Obedience and the other in Confirmation. In 2007, at age 71,… [Read More]

My Grandfather

My grandpa, a man that epitomized the definition of hard work, determination and standing true to what he believed and those he cared about, was a man… [Read More]

My Journey with Alzheimer’s Disease

My introduction to Alzheimer Disease came ten years ago when my husband was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Prior to that time I had very li… [Read More]

My Mom

My mother was beyond her years.  She chose a life of education and hard work before marrying and having children.  A mindset not shared by many woma… [Read More]

My Dad

Ashley Campbell, the daughter of singer Glen Campbell, spoke movingly at a Senate hearing about her father’s battle with the disease. NBC’s Brian … [Read More]

My Grandmother

  There’s so much that could be said for Emma Jones. All my life I’ve heard about how sweet, caring and most of all, how selfless she was. I … [Read More]

My Grandmother

My grandmother was a feisty woman, full of life.  Over the past few years, she began to display increasing signs of dementia.  As the disease progre… [Read More]

A Message From My Wife

To My Dear Family and Friends, How lovely it is to be resting here in Heaven, in God’s peaceful garden. We are making plans to celebrate another… [Read More]