Our Inspiration

photo 2On December 25, 2013, Donald M. “DJ” Jameson, Jr., the man who inspired the creation of CTF finally surrendered his valiant battle with Frontotemporal Dementia.  A news story on his passing can be read here.   DJ was our star…the inspiration that started the Clear Thoughts journey.  It was a role he would have never wished to be cast. It was a story that his family would have never wished to tell. But given the horrific situation that faced them and the seven year battle that followed, DJ’s family turned this sad story into a story of love and dedication and a rally for a cure; a determination to turn a curse into a conviction. An unselfish decision to share their humbling story and to turn their countless frustrations into something that touched our hearts and inspired us all.

As with all families have have been forced to deal with dementia, the Jameson family (and its extended CTF family) will miss DJ … but they have missed DJ for a long time … and now in his passing, they know that his body will reunite with his brilliant mind, caring heart, wealth of talent and personality that was robbed from him when this terrible disease began too many years ago.