A Message From My Wife

Jim and Elsie

To My Dear Family and Friends,

How lovely it is to be resting here in Heaven, in God’s peaceful garden. We are making plans to celebrate another one of my birthdays. When I left you over four years ago, I arrived in Heaven and was greeted by God with a great big hug and He said to me, “Welcome Home Love, We missed you!” “The kettle is on for a nice ‘cuppa’ and as for your family, well, they will join you much later.” I actually feel so much better now, my suffering is completely gone, my voice is back, and to those who cared, comforted and loved me, all those terrible years, I want to thank you and God Bless You all. Now, also, when I arrived I was given a list of things He wanted me to do. What a lovely assignment the first item is: To watch over and care for all of you. I am certainly enjoying this.

James, you were right when you said I would be, and now I am “one of God’s brightest stars. I want you to know that although my time on earth is over, I am much closer to all of you now than ever before and when your time comes, to be free from your body, remember, you are not going, you are coming to be with me.

I Love all of you, very much and will be in touch, and yes, I am with you always. Thank you all for your Love, Birthdays Wishes and prayers.

Lots of love,

Els, (Elsie), Mum, Nana xoxo

by Jim R.