My Husband

Tom Smith

He loved his dogs. In the 1960s Tom showed our Keeshonden. One received a championship in Obedience and the other in Confirmation. In 2007, at age 71, Tom started showing signs of Dementia, which I denied, and he was very good at covering up his symptoms. In 2008, my son told me we needed to address the problem and we made the move to Pittsburgh, where my son and his family live. In 2011, we moved Tom to an Alzheimer¹s facility. It is so devastating to the family to see the one we love in this condition and we feel so inadequate, yet there is no choice, we have to move forward and accept the situation. Tom recognizes his family and he still loves dogs.

This recent photo shows Tom at Animal Friends and you can see the love between Tom and Birdie. My family and I are looking forward to the day when Alzheimer¹s is no more.

 – Genelle S.