My Mom

Sharon's mother

My mother was beyond her years. She chose a life of education and hard work before marrying and having children. A mindset not shared by many woman of her generation. If she had been given the foresight into her future with Dementia, I wonder if she would have spent so many years consumed with educating a mind that would fail her before she even had a chance to know and enjoy her grandchildren. Diagnosed 10 years ago and now living with me 5 of those years, it breaks my heart to see this physically healthy woman become mentally dependent upon me. She deserves to finish her life representative of the manner in which she lived it. My mother is Doris Yoder. My mother is 85 years old and is diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Type. My mother worked hard…my mother was smart…my mother was educated. She is dying a slow death with this disease and no crowning educational achievement, nor greater amount of hard work on her part could have changed this.

– Sharon S.