My Journey with Alzheimer’s Disease

Photo in front of the ocean

My introduction to Alzheimer Disease came ten years ago when my husband was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Prior to that time I had very little knowledge of AD. Now, I was facing questions like “what are our next steps, who do I contact, who would take care of our finances, how will our children be affected, and what were we facing in the future.” We were so happy in our “country home” in Wexford, retired, the promise of traveling and many more happy years ahead. And now our whole lives are changing. We had to make the difficult decision of downsizing and moving to a more suitable home with no upkeep, gardening or general work around the house. After going thru all our “stuff’ and selling our beautiful little home in the woods, we moved to a wonderful community where everything would be taken care of and very little was left up to us.

I read everything I could about Alzheimer’s and researched as much information as possible. I met others in similar situations who were unfortunately at the same place I was. With much help from our new friends, we formed a support group and an activity class for our spouses with AD. This was a much-needed and helpful group that continued for several years. Seeing this man, a godly gentleman who had been a very successful engineer, dependable, caring, thoughtful, loving father, and wonderful husband, disappear mentally before my eyes, was very, very difficult. I took care of him as long as I could, when finally I had to move him to a facility close-by where he would be taken care of. My soul mate and love of my life was gone and I was alone. My life once again changed drastically. Fortunately I was able to be with him for dinner and most every night put him to bed. I loved being with him, even as he was. This was for the last 2 years of his life. I was blessed that he knew me to the very end which was a year and a half ago. My love for him will continue always and forever. My faith in God and His promise that we will be together throughout eternity, is what gives me peace and hope.

Doris B.