CTF Announces Continued CTF Consortium Funding of $200,000

Clear Thoughts Foundation continues to fund brilliant minds in the fight against dementia!

Pittsburgh, PA (April 12, 2022)  – The Clear Thoughts Foundation(CTF) has a saying, “One brilliant mind working towards a cure for dementia is amazing… three brilliant minds working towards a cure is 3X as amazing!”

That was the attitude of nonprofit, Clear Thoughts Foundation, when they launched their inaugural collaborative research model, the CTF Consortium, to tackle dementia head on in the beginning of January 2020.

The CTF Consortium is a collaborative group of renowned researchers and doctors working in Pittsburgh to accelerate research advancements to cure dementia now!

CTF’s initial years of this cohort’s launch (2020-2021) was a battle none expected, as ample challenges continued to arise in parallel to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many setbacks and hardships faced by the CTF Consortium, the researchers remained dedicated to their work and achieved success in advancing research forward through the granted $150,000 dollars. Their funded research took aim to advance the understanding of several different potential successful treatment avenues, such as the use of plasma exchange as well as common sleep aid drug, melatonin, to slow disease progression. The CTF Consortium was also able to finalize development of a novel mouse model, which mimics early on-set aging and various neurological complications, such as those found in dementia. This model is a resource that can be shared globally to advance scientific research surrounding neurological diseases and ageing forward.

“The Clear Thoughts Foundation is at the center of these new technologies… it’s helping us to understand how an effective treatment is working,” states CTF Consortium researcher Dr. Oscar Lopez.

The continuation of the CTF Consortium research is imperative to offset the rapidly rising statistics of individuals worldwide being diagnosed with various forms of dementia. Among the continuing members are Dr. Robert M. Friedlander, Dr. Oscar L. Lopez, and Dr. Amantha Thathiah, who will receive a collective $200,000 dollars from the Clear Thoughts Foundation over a period of two years to develop a preclinical model for understanding melatonin signaling, mitochondrial function, and neuronal survival in Alzheimer’s disease.

“The funding will help us develop a stronger collaboration between our labs,” said Friedlander.

Their ultimate goal is to develop sufficient preliminary data to launch a clinical trial of melatonin as a potential therapy to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s Disease as well as other forms of dementia.

For more information, to make a donation, utilize resources, or share your story please visit www.clearthoughtsfoundation.org.

About Clear Thoughts Foundation

Clear Thoughts Foundation, established in 2010, is a nonprofit organization located in Pittsburgh PA. They have a vision to see a world free of dementia and strive to achieve this vision through their mission to raise funds to discover breakthrough drugs and novel treatments to eliminate dementia.

Clear Thoughts Foundation has pledged to take a stand in funding research to fight against all forms of dementia, in contrast to the majority of charitable causes that focus their efforts on targeting a specific disease type within dementia. While many philanthropic organizations give support for basic research into the causes of the disease, few focus on both breakthrough drug discovery and development of novel treatments (bio-genetics, stem cells, etc.)

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