CTF Has Created a New Collaborative Initiative to Fund Breakthrough Discoveries for Dementia Research in 2020

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(PITTSBURGH) DECEMBER 10th, 2019 – It’s a disease that has quietly become one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. and world today… dementia. Beginning in January 2020, the Clear Thoughts Foundation is set to fund a new type of collaborative initiative, one that aims to tackle dementia head on.

The CTF Consortium is a collaborative group of renowned researchers and doctors from UPMC and University of Pittsburgh, working to cure dementia now!

This newly funded initiative will take immediate action with the hopes to offset the staggering statistics of dementia. The CTF Consortium is continuously looking for support that will help fuel this new approach of direct research and collaborative discoveries, as well as aid in improving the breadth and depth at which they discover breakthrough drugs and novel treatments to eliminate this terrible disease.

Among the inaugural CTF Consortium members are Dr. Robert M. Friedlander, Dr. Oscar L. Lopez, and Dr. Amantha Thathiah. The foundation believes that each member’s research dissects and aims to solve an important piece of the puzzle in finding a cure for dementia research.

“We believe that one brilliant mind working towards a cure for dementia is great, but three brilliant minds is 3x as great!” said Hayley D. Jameson, CTF’s Founder and President.

In approaching their 10th year as a foundation, CTF wanted to truly enhance their impact on the devastation being cause by this horrific disease. Funding a combination of research focused on drug discovery and therapeutics simultaneously, will allow for faster discoveries to aid not only those being diagnosed with the disease in Pittsburgh, but hopefully those around the world.

“Drug discovery and therapeutics, they go together. Everything that we do in order to enhance these discoveries, is extremely useful. The reason being that we do not have many drugs… and so we still have a lot of work to do. The Consortium is helping the people and scientists to one day have a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,” says Inaugural CTF Consortium member Dr. Oscar Lopez.

On Saturday, November 2nd, Clear Thoughts Foundation held its 6th annual Roll for a Reason Gala at J. Verno Studios in the South Side of Pittsburgh. With over 400 supporters in attendance, CTF was able to begin raising the necessary funds to support this new initiative that will expand their mission of funding the fight against dementia. Jameson shared from her heart with guests that evening, “We need to act faster, raise more money, and proceed with relentless passion in this fight against dementia!” Their annual Gala is set for November 7th, 2020 – save the date and plan to join this amazing night!

For more information, to make a donation, utilize resources, or share your story visit www.clearthoughtsfoundation.org.

@CTF_Pittsburgh needs your help by donating today as it launches a new fundraising initiative, The CTF Consortium, to expand and enhance research efforts in discovering breakthrough drugs and novel treatments to eliminate #dementia!

About Clear Thoughts Foundation:
Clear Thoughts Foundation, established in 2010, is a nonprofit organization located in Pittsburgh PA. They have a vision to see a world free of dementia and strive to achieve this vision through their mission to raise funds to discover breakthrough drugs and novel treatments to eliminate dementia.

Clear Thoughts Foundation has pledged to take a stand in funding research to fight against all forms of dementia, in contrast to the majority of charitable causes that focus their efforts on targeting a specific dementia disease. While many philanthropic organizations give support for basic research into the causes of the disease, few focus on both breakthrough drug discovery and development of novel treatments (bio-genetics, stem cells, etc.)

Our Guiding Creed: Funding is our barrier. Awareness is our opportunity. Research is our salvation. Time is our enemy. YOU are our hope.

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